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Symposium Tracks

Click on the title of the Symposium Tracks below for more details.

Track A: Active & Responsive Matter

Track Organizers:

Dan Goldman, GT, and Sergiy Minko, UGA

Keynote and Invited Speakers:

Paul Chaikin, NYU

Kyle Bishop, Columbia U

Olga Kuksenok

Example topics:

  • Reconfigurable colloids and multiphase materials
  • Autonomous motion of particulates, nano-swimmers
  • Responsive hydrogels and microgels
  • Optical, electric and magnetic field remote controlled colloids and interfaces

See the Track A Schedule Here


Track B: Bio-Inspired Systems

Track Organizers:

Julie Champion, GT, and Lorraine Leon, UCF

Keynote Speakers:

Phil Messersmith, UC Berkeley

Maria Santore, U Mass Amherst

Example Topics:

  • Bioinspired interfaces
  • Biomimetic macromolecules, colloids, suspensions
  • Bioinspired synthesis of colloids and polymers
  • Colloids and polymers relying on cell receptor-ligand or antibody-antigen binding

See the Track B Schedule Here

Track C: Colloidal & Surface Forces

Track Organizers:

Qian Chen, U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Todd Sulchek, GT

Keynote Speakers:

James De Yoreo, PNNL

Tonya Kuhl, UC Riverside

Georg Papastravrou, U Bayreuth, Germany

Example Topics:

  • Force measurement methods (holographic/optical tweezer, atomic force microscopy, surface force apparatus)
  • Emergent behaviors determined by colloidal/interfacial forces (self-assembly, bio-inorganic interfaces)
  • Molecular recognition and other noncovalent, specific forces
  • Forces under non-equilibrium conditions

See the Track C Schedule Here

Track D: Colloids & Macromolecules in Life Sciences

Track Organizers:

Jennifer Curtis, GT, and Johnna Temenoff, GT

Keynote Speakers:

Anna Balazs, U Pittsburg

Paul Janmey, UPenn

Khalid Salaita, Emory U

Example Topics:

  • Colloidal or macromolecular systems with applications in life sciences/bioengineering
  • Colloidal or macromolecular systems incorporating biomolecules to mimic cellular or extracellular components
  • In vitro and in vivo-like studies of colloidal or macromolecular systems

See the Track D Schedule Here

Track E: Directed & Self Assembly

Track Organizers:

John Crocker, UPenn, and James Kindt, Emory U

Keynote Speakers:

Lorenzo Di Michele, Cambridge U, UK

Vinothan Manoharan, Harvard U

Roya Zandi, UC Riverside

Example Topics:

  • Self-assembly of amphiphilic species
  • Self-assembly of colloidal and nanoparticle suspensions
  • Biopolymer-mediated assembly (e.g. DNA, polypeptide, etc.)

See the Track E Schedule Here

Track F: Electrokinetics, Micropores & Microfluidics

Track Organizers:

Kyle Bishop, U Colombia, and Carlos Martinez, Purdue U

Keynote Speakers:

Lisa Biswal, Rice U

William Ristenpart, UC Riverside

Example Topics:

  • Fundamentals of electrokinetic phenomena
  • Electrokinetics in micro/nanopores and in porous media
  • Droplets, vesicles, polymers, and colloids in electric fields
  • Novel applications in biophysics, electrochemistry, and micro/nanofluidics

See the Track F Schedule Here

Track G: Emulsions, Bubbles & Foams

Track Organizers:

Clint Aichele, Oklahoma St U, and Lisa Biswal, Rice U

Keynote Speakers:

Gerald Fuller, Stanford U

Katharina Landfester, Max Planck Institute of Polymers, Mainz, Germany

Cari Dutcher, U Minnesota

Example Topics:

  • Surfactant-particle interactions at liquid-liquid and liquid-gas interfaces
  • Foam rheology
  • Applications of emulsions, bubbles, and foams
  • Modeling phenomena in emulsions, bubbles, and foams

See the Track G Schedule Here

Track H: Energy, Catalysis & Separations

Track Organizers:

Nian Liu, GT, and Ryan Lively, GT

Keynote Speakers:

Paul Braun, U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Delia Milliron, UT Austin

Example Topics:

  • Role of surface phenomena in catalysis
  • Colloid-enabled separation steps
  • Role of colloids and surfaces in energy harvesting & storage

See the Track H Schedule Here

Track i: Environmental Systems & Sustainability

Track Organizers:

Sara Hashmi, Yale U, and Sotira Yiacoumi, GT

Keynote and Invited Speakers:

Leanne Gilbertson, U Pittsburgh

Young-Shin Jun, Washington U in St. Louis

Stephanie Velegol, Penn State University

Example Topics:

  • Environmental implications & applications of nanomaterials
  • Dispersion behavior of nanomaterials
  • Sustainable materials and processes
  • Natural and engineered environmental processes
  • Intersection of energy and the environment

See the Track i Schedule Here

Track J: Formulation, Processing & Manufacturing on the Colloidal Length Scale and Beyond

Track Organizers:

Blair Brettmann, GT, and Amanda Engler, 3M

Keynote Speakers:

Amy Peterson, UMass Lowell

Victoria Piunova, IBM

Example Topics:

  • Integrated colloidal science research from concept to scale up
  • Innovative approaches for formulation of advanced and multifunctional products
  • Colloidal suspension processing technologies including 3D printing, coatings, extrusion, electrospinning
  • Process modeling and data analytics approaches to formulation, processing and manufacturing

See the Track J Schedule Here

Track K: General

Track Organizers:

Bhuvnesh Bharti, LSU, and Seung Soon Jang, GT

Keynote Speakers:

Nicholas Abbott, Cornell U

John Crocker, UPenn

Ken Schweizer, U Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Example Topics:

  • Fundamentals of structure, stability and activity of colloids
  • Thermodynamics and kinetics of colloidal dispersion and interfaces
  • Specific and non-specific colloidal interactions
  • Synthesis of functional colloids and particle-based materials
  • Modeling and simulation of colloidal systems

See the Track K Schedule Here

Track L: Jamming, Gelling & Rheology

Track Organizers:

Connie Roth, Emory U, and Eric Weeks, Emory U

Keynote Speakers:

Rana Ashkar, VA Tech

Günter Auernhammer, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research, Dresden, Germany

Francis Starr, Wesleyan U

Example Topics:

  • Glassy behavior and jamming in molecular, macromolecular, colloidal or granular systems
  • Gelling and network connectivity in polymeric and particulate systems
  • Rheology and viscoelastic behavior in soft matter systems

See the Track L Schedule Here

Track M: Particles & Molecules at Fluid Interfaces

Track Organizers:

Joelle Frechette, Johns Hopkins U, and Carson Meredith, GT

Keynote Speakers:

Lucio Isa, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Orlando Rojas, Aalto U, Finland

Raymond Tu, CCNY

Example Topics:

  • Adsorption and desorption of particles from interfaces
  • Self-assembly and topography control of interfaces with particles or surfactants
  • Elasticity mediated interactions between particles at interfaces
  • Catalysis mediated by particles at fluid interfaces

See the Track M Schedule Here

Track N: Wetting & Adhesion

Track Organizers:

Günter Auernhammer, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research, Dresden, Germany, and David Hu, GT

Keynote Speakers:

Francoise Brochard-Wyart, Institute Curie, France

Joelle Frechette, Johns Hopkins U

David Quéré, ESPCI Paris, France

Connie Roth, Emory University

Example Topics:

  • Fundamentals of wetting and adhesion
  • Wetting on structured and liquid infused surfaces
  • Bio-inspired mechanisms in wetting and adhesion
  • Wetting on soft, responsive surfaces

See the Track N Schedule Here

Track O: Langmuir Student Awards Session (Tuesday)

Track Organizers:

Raymond Tu, CCNY

For students interested in applying:

  • submit your Abstract to the most appropriate Track above by Feb 8, 2019
  • during your Abstract submission, please mark appropriate field for awards consideration
  • email your CV (up to 2 pages) to Raymond Tu ( within one week of your abstract submission
  • if solicited, your advisor (and co-author of your abstract) must email a recommendation letter to Raymond Tu by March 1, 2019

See the Track O Schedule Here

Poster Session