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LaMer Award

Committee Chair: Matt Hegelson, UCSB

Deadline: December 15, 2018

All applicants for the LaMer Award are strongly encouraged to submit a separate abstract to the most relevant Symposium Track. Please include at the beginning of your presentation title the word “LaMer:”

Application Information

Unilever Award

Committee Chair: P. Somasundaran, Columbia University

Deadline February 1, 2019

Nominations are invited for Outstanding Young Investigators in Colloid and Surfactant Science who are within seven (7) years of receiving their Ph.D.

Application Information

Langmuir Student Awards Sessions 

Committee Members: 

  • Bryan Baker, 3M
  • Jennifer Lewis, Harvard University
  • Raymond Tu (Chair), CCNY

To recognize excellence in research among students, the 93rd ACS Colloids & Surface Science Symposium will hold a special afternoon session of oral presentations on Tuesday, June 18th. Presenters will be selected from eligible student applicants.

Who is eligible?

Any graduate student who has completed a minimum of one year (i.e. two consecutive semesters) of graduate study and who is enrolled in graduate school (in good standing) at the time of the Symposium. Thus, if you started graduate school in Fall 2018 and have since been continuously enrolled (in good standing), you are eligible to apply.

What are the selection criteria?

Presenters in this special session will be selected based upon the merits of the following submitted materials (in bold text):

(1) Content and relevance of abstract to the field of Colloid and Surface Science;

(2) Research accomplishments indicated in a 2-page CV and reference letter from the thesis advisor (and co-author on submitted abstract)

What should eligible and interested student applicants do to participate?

(1) Submit your abstract to the most relevant Symposium Track by February 8, 2019. Check the appropriate box in the Abstract submission window to indicate your interest and eligibility for consideration in this special session. Be sure to include your graduate advisor as a co-author! Please note that if you are not selected for the award session, your abstract will still be considered for an oral presentation in your selected Symposium Track.

(2) Within one week of submitting your abstract (but no later than February 8, 2019), email your CV (up to 2 pages in length) to Raymond Tu. Your CV must include your current email address.

(3) Notify your graduate advisor that if a reference letter is solicited (by mid-February), this letter must be emailed by your advisor to Raymond Tu by March 1st in order to complete your application.

How will participants in the special awards session be notified?

Awardees will be chosen based on reviews of application materials by a symposium committee and notified by April 1, 2019. Applicants who are not selected for this awards session will also be notified and considered for an oral presentation in their selected Track.

What is the format of the oral presentation in the Tuesday awards session?

During the awards session, each awardee will be allotted 20 min to give a oral presentation (lasting ~16 min) and use the remaining time to answer any questions posed by the judges or the audience. Judges will select the top 3 presenters for a special award (TBD).